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Photo Makeup Watermark Remover

Produce perfect portraits out of ordinary snapshots! SoftSkin Photo Makeup perfects your portraits by removing small imperfections, improving skin tone and texture, and applying all the basics of virtual makeup. All that can be done easily in just a few clicks.

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What customers are saying...

  • user 1 I quite like the program - the spot remover works quite well, and it's is fun to use.

    Sara Missell.

  • Watermark Remover

    user 1 Has useful features such as Image Corrector, Concealer brush and more which is very useful for what I need a program to do.

    Sandra Baumann.

If you want to remove watermark from your photo use our watermark remover. This tool allows to clean watermarks and other undesired objects from your photos.

Touchup Skin Imperfections

Glamour models have perfect skin. Or do they? Hours spent on makeup, and hours of digital post processing are needed to achieve that 'model' look. SoftSkin Photo Makeup makes it easier to produce stunning portraits by removing skin imperfections such as pimples and freckles, covering up acne and wrinkles, softening hard shadows and giving your portrait a finished look.
Whiten the Teeth Whiten the eyeballs

Improve Skin Texture

Create portraits with skin that looks perfect! SoftSkin Photo Makeup softens skin to provide a flawless photo, giving your subject a glamour look. We don't believe in models looking like plastic dolls, so you won't get a 'plastic' look on your photos. Instead, we improve the natural skin texture to give skin a natural healthy look.
See How to Retouche Skin Tutorial
improve skin testure - before improve skin texture - after

Whiten the Teeth and Eyeballs

Difficult lighting conditions and hard shadows may give your portrait a less than perfect appearance. You can enhance the appearance of the face by whitening the teeth and eyeballs. All you have to do to fix these issues is just a couple of clicks!
Whiten the Teeth Whiten the eyeballs

Outline the Eyes

Eloquent eyes are one of the most important things in a portrait. You can outline the eyes easily with SoftSkin Photo Makeup in just a few clicks.
outline the eyes before outline the eyes after

Remove Red Eye

The red eye is a notorious effect appearing when pointing a flash straight to the face. Light reflecting from the back of the eyeball causes the pupil to appear red in the final image. Photographers can easily avoid the red eye with bounce flash or alternative lighting techniques, but users of built-in flashes lack these possibilities and have to fix the effect in the post.
Fortunately, fixing the red eye is easily possible in full or semi-auto mode. SoftSkin Photo Makeup can fix the red eye effect completely in just a click.
Remove red eye Fix red eye effect

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