Skin Retouching Tutorial

Not all of us have perfect skin – sad but true. However, we can make it look perfect, at least in the pictures. SoftOrbits is happy to introduce its brand new project, SoftSkin Photo Makeup – a unique tool for professional photographers and average computer users.

With SoftSkin Photo Makeup you can edit pictures quickly, efficiently and easily! It does not require special skills, like Adobde Photoshop and is very easy to use. For perfect skin retouching, all you need is to:

  1. Download SoftSkin Photo Makeup and install it.
    install photo retoucher
  2. Upload the files you want to edit using the “Add files…” button.
  3. Zoom in the picture, if needed.
  4. Select the Spot remover tool and select the desired radius and transparency level.
    remove spots from skin
  5. Edit the desired area.
    remove spots from skin

Or, for even quicker and better results, you can use automatic skin retouching! Simply do the following:

  1. Check the "Apply to selection only" check box.
    apply only to skin area
  2. Select the skin area using a Marker tool.
    select skin area with marker
  3. Use the Spot Remover/Spot and Noise Remover automatic tool to remove spots and other skin defects from the selected area.
    remove spots from skin result

You can try SoftSkin Photo Makeup now! Go and get it!

Download Photo Retoucher program.

photo retoucher
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